Metal / Family / AZ / USA
Beginning as a fledgling Thrash Metal outfit from Chandler, Arizona, Warhead has evolved into one of the most dynamic, versatile, and explosive bands in the Valley's metal scene. The band's vocalist and guitar player Nolan Castles is joined by Sam Bollard on Bass, Cody Bailey on Lead Guitar, and Dane White on drums. Warhead's music is the volatile result of the classic metal sound colliding with each members' unique influences, producing some of the hardest hitting anthems that the scene has ever heard. The band's music is matched by their genuine look, like a battalion of metal warriors. Fresh off the release of their self-released debut album, "Death Row," Warhead hit the road for their first tour of the West Coast in May 2013. Crowds were captivated by Warhead's chaotic live show, and eagerly await their return. Currently, the band is in writing mode for an EP, and planning another tour for mid-September. This is no retro act. Warhead is not hungry for success. Warhead is four musicians starving for success, demanding attention, and pushing everyone else out of the way. At the end of the day, Warhead lives for music, and everything else is purely secondary. http://www.warheadofficial.bigcartel.com/